Opening Ports for Applications

Written by:  Jason Mitchell

On a Windows Operating system, the first step is to go to and find the manufacturer and modem number of your router. Then, select the program you want to open the ports for, and follow the guide listed. provides a Port Checking tool that determines whether or not the ports were correctly opened. If they are not open after opening the ports in the router, check to make sure your computer has a static IP address and that the ports are open to that computer. Another troubleshooting step is to temporarily disable any software firewall that may be running. If the ports are still not open after these steps, consider temporarily putting your computer in the DMZ of the router.   This opens all ports to the computer, but also makes the computer more vulnerable to hackers and security attacks.

In some cases, Users may still have trouble getting ports open after all of these steps. The modem connected to the router may be functioning as a modem/router combo, and this is when an issue known as “double NAT” occurs. The user will need to connect a take note of the Internet IP address of the router. A computer will need to be connected to the modem, and ports can then be opened in the modem to the router’s Internet IP address. This will then allow for the ports to be correctly opened in a complicated network setup like this.

In almost all cases, the issue would be solved by this point. However, I used to own an old D-link router, and I had a cable modem (with no router capabilities) connected to it.  I have attempted to open the ports for a game server, but no matter what I tried, the game server was not visible publicly. The ports were open, however. The only way I could solve the issue is by getting a different router. In my case, there was a defect in the old router that prevented the server from being visible publicly.  Fortunately, most Users do not have to go to this extreme in order to get online applications to work.


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