Optimum Gaming Performance for Computers

Written by: Jason Mitchell

Recent games are requiring higher graphics than ever before, and as a result many gamers using older computers may have trouble playing newer games. For optimum gaming, gamers should be operating on a desktop, with Nvidia or ATI graphics cards installed. Intel is not a good choice, as Intel-based graphics cards generally do not have the required video graphing capability that relatively new games require. For CPUs, dual or quad core systems are preferred for newer games.

While playing some games, other users may experience lag. For offline lag, users should try setting the game resolution to the lowest setting. For online play, a high-speed Internet connection is highly recommended. Opening ports may help to reduce lag in online play. Many routers have the ability to prioritize network data for gaming, and enabling this feature should also aid in reducing lag.

Quality of Service (QoS) Engine for prioritizing network data as shown in the D-link DIR-615 router:


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